Hi Ellie!! Hiiiii !!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet :)!!

I made it so this website's updates and profile don't show publicly on Neocities, so only people with this link (You!) can see it!! It's like our own little secret pocket of the internet..

I wanted to make you something special and I knew just an illustration would not be enough! So I realized I still knew how to kinda code in HTML, sooo this is what I made you!!

I just wanna look back at some nice memories we've had..

So without further-ado, let's start!!

Some of my happiest memories with you

Some of my first memories with you...

I remember the time that you had kept teasing me for not showing my voice, making me defend myself on whether I was british or not... I was so corny then... I think we were both cis back then too, which is weird to think of!!

The spark of my crush on you

I remember it vividly... You were telling me all about that crush you had on Millie, I was just attentively listening to you as I had told you that you could vent to me... We were in a call, it was during virtual schooling so I was just sitting on the floor in my mom's room where I did all my schoolwork during the quarrentine. Right after that call, something just sparked inside of me.. A little spark at first,, but it grew into a great blazing inferno of love.. I had never heard someone speak so caringly and nicely about someone... It was amazing and that was when my crush was salitified... I remember it, I jumped onto my moms bed, grabbed a wad of pillows and blankets.. and just hugged it.. I was imagining being held by you..

That day

It was that day, after you and Millie had finally convinced me that the relationship I was in was not healthy... I finally left... I felt incredibly scared and anxious. This anxious and panicked feeling in my body that I used to get so much when I thought of her... I was doing pretty bad.. Then you asked Millie if she could join me and you in call, and that I really needed it at the moment. That feeling of support from someone, I had never felt it before. Never had I had someone who cared that deeply about me... I was so happy to have you as my friend at that point. Even now, thank you... That is one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me...

You have done so much for me.

You have helped me with so much... From my bad self loathing I suffered from... From the stress of school... From the social dynamics of my friends splitting at the seems, people I once cherished hating me, seeing threats of death towards me, getting harassed on a daily basis. Through all of it, you have been there for me. You have been there to comfort and help me.

You suffer through so much, I know more than anyone and I still don't even probably have the full scope of it. You were suffering even more back when we first met, but you would still always take care of me with a smile... You've been so patient with me... It's like you are the only one who really understands me.

I know you can question how I can love you sometimes... But this is why. Even in the darkest moments, your kindness in the end has always prevailed and you have been there to wipe away my tears. You are and always will be the most important woman in my life, Ellie.

I love you, Ellie... More than anything.

Never has someone just treated me as kindly as you... You gave me purpose and I hope to give you something of the same value someday... You really changed my life. I know we have our scuffles sometimes but always remember, you will always be my beloved, kindest, most beautiful wife. No matter how many mistakes you or I make, no matter what we have to go through, no matter what...

I will always be there.

Through Thick and Thin

Now and Always.

I love you, forever, Ellie.